Gig Alert: Jettison Never at Lakewood Bar and Grill Tonight

Even though the band hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jettison Never hasn't a country or southern rock bone in its collective body. Instead, the trio led by brothers Matt and Josh Gilbert mines the modern sounds of Mute Math, Coldplay and Kings of Leon in its search for mainstream success.

And, actually, on Jettison Never's 2009 full-length, They Fall from Heaven Unassembled, the band's reliance on riffs lifted straight off U2 and Police albums is abundantly clear. But that's not that such is a bad thing; better to steal from Bono than Chris Martin, at least in my world.

Anyhow, Jettison Never is a sturdy threesome of earnest southerners that play alternative rock the old fashion way--to get free beer and, hopefully, to get laid. The band's music is safe and kid-friendly, too--basically, the perfect Tuesday night background noise for getting your mack on.

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