Gig Alert: Jucifer and Vaste Burai Tonight at Rubber Gloves

Fans of slow-motion head-banging should make their way north on I-35E this evening to catch Vaste Burai and Jucifer at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio.

Comprised of the husband-wife team of Amber Valentine and Edgar Livengood, Jucifer has been making its version of sludge metal for over 15 years. Over that time, the duo has only five full-lengths to its credit, including the recently issued Throned in Blood. Yet despite the tortoise pace, Valentine and Livengood have managed to make some compelling noise. Check out 2008's L'Autrichienne for a brutal dose of Sabbath meets Sonic Youth on such songs as "Black Powder" and "Thermidor." Plus, besides being on the hot side, Valentine has a powerful set of pipes and she's not afraid to use (and abuse) them.

Also on the bill tonight is Longview's own Vaste Burai. Also a duo (comprising of Kevin Blalcok and Cody Lollar), this outfit similarly wallows in the doom end of the metal spectrum.

Who knew music this heavy came out of East Texas? Often compared to Celtic Frost and Crowbar, Vaste Burai is quite capable of holding the audience's attention--at least until Jucifer hits the stage.

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Darryl Smyers
Contact: Darryl Smyers