Gig Alert: Loads of Great Singer/Songwriters Tonight at Lakewood Bar and Grill

Quite an interesting mix of area talent coalescing tonight at Lakewood Bar and Grill: Amber Farris, front person for Somebody's Darling, will be joined by Taylor Davis, Cully Woods and Nicholas Altobelli for an evening of sensitive, acoustic meanderings.

Possessing a powerhouse set of pipes, Farris can deliver the goods in a variety of styles besides the alt-country of Somebody's Darling. Expect her to wander off into some well-suited pop and soul numbers before the evening is finished.

Speaking of soul, Cully Woods is certainly capable of some poignant flights of fancy as he shows off his prowess on piano. A bit too hypersensitive for my taste, Woods is still a talent worth investigating.

Taylor Davis is just an outright nerd, but that's not necessarily a bad thing: "I write some words and put them in a song and sing it every night / eventually I'll make a record with all my heart that no one will ever hear," sings Davis on "Is it OK," demonstrating a candid pathos more mature than his tender 25 years of age would suggest. Alone on a stage seems like the perfect place for Davis to be.

Altobelli fancies himself a local version of Ryan Adams, but Altobelli's a lot less petulant (but not a lot less talented) than his main influence. Seemingly writing a new song every ten minutes, Altobelli's already working on his third full-length effort, The Regulator. Despite the title sounding like a Rhett Miller castoff, the new Altobelli record should be another fine slab of folk/country.

All in all, a great foursome of singer/songwriters all ready to bare their souls to all who care to attend...

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Darryl Smyers
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