Gig Alert: Mr. Lif Tonight at The Loft

School's not ending for most districts until Thursday, but those wanting to get an early start to their summer concert plans can do so this evening at The Loft as heralded wordsmith Mr. Lif (a.k.a. Jeffrey Haynes) brings his politically conscious hip-hop to town in support of his recently released effort, I Heard It Today.

Using veteran producers such as Edan and J-Zone, as well as newcomers such as Willie Evans Jr., Batsauce, Therapy, and Headnodic, Mr. Lif's newest album tackles the tough issues like race and the economy, but also doesn't let the politics get in the way of the funky and complex rhythms. Like the legendary Gil Scott Heron, Mr. Lif has a lot to say and a damn catchy way of saying it. Plus, what he says actually makes quite a bit of sense.

"I'm underrated cause the market's oversaturated," sings Mr. Lif on "Breathe," displaying as honest an evaluation of the current music as one is likely to hear.

The guy's been doing his thing for over a decade and I Heard It Today may well be Mr. Lif's high water mark. So if you've got the Monday blues, Mr. Lif could provide you with a sure fire cure.

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