Gig Alert: Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra Tonight at House of Blues

For those guitar wankers who want to revel in some real greatness, Ottmar Liebert brings him impressive "nouveau flamenco" style to the House of Blues this evening.

Besides being nominated for five Grammy Awards, Liebert has released a mind boggling 30 albums since his debut in 1989. The guy's played with everyone from Kenny Loggins to Diana Ross and remains an in demand sessions guy. Sure, his music is perfect for the NPR crowd, but that doesn't make Liebert's work any less impressive.

Since 1990, Liebert's led some form of Luna Negra. The group changes members almost as often as Mel Gibson loses his temper, but the musicianship has never been less than phenomenal. Indeed, the technique can sometimes overwhelm the compositions themselves. But again, the folks who dig Liebert do so precisely because he lets his fingers do the talking.

Liebert's most recent opus, Petals on the Path, took a slightly different approach to the flamenco style that has been the guy's calling card. Featuring a bit of a rock approach (with everything recorded and mixed live), the record is probably the most propulsive effort Liebert's ever done.

So things might get a bit out-there tonight at the House of Blues. In any case, this is a good chance to catch a player's player and see if you can hear a single note out of place. I'm betting you won't.

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