Gig Alert: Richard Lloyd Tonight Friday Night at Dada

Editor's Note: Apologies for the mix-up on the date for this show. It's Friday, for real.

Renowned as a member of the legendary art/punk band Television, guitarist Richard Lloyd has spent the decades since that band's demise as an able sideman for folks like John Doe and Matthew Sweet. Television has reunited a couple of times, but it would appear that Lloyd and the other guitar-slinger in the band, Tom Verlaine, aren't exactly the best of buds.

Occasionally though, Lloyd will release a competent solo effort and set out on a tour in order to show folks that he still has the chops.

Lloyd's most recent album, The Radiant Monkey, was released in late 2007 and found the guitarist in top form, at least instrumentally. Lloyd's deadpan vocals have always been an acquired taste, but songs such as "There She Goes Again" and "Amnesia" revel in that patented lock-step rhythm and fiery lead work that always set Television (far) apart form its contemporaries.

Lloyd is said to be working on a Jimi Hendrix covers collection; so perhaps Friday night's show will allow Lloyd the chance to preview a few choice selections. Who knows, perhaps he might even break out "Marque Moon."

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