Gig Alert: Rick Yost and the Sofa Kings Tonight at Pearl at Commerce

If you've got the hump day blues, there are a bunch of options for you to check out tonight--and we'll give you the rundown on a few of them as the afternoon rolls along. First up, Rick Yost.

Even though Yost owns the nightclub where he'll be performing this evening, that's no reason not to catch his songwriting and instrumental chops on this (and every) Wednesday night at Pearl at Commerce.

Yost has been a part of the area blues and jazz scene for years, and has played as a sideman for singer-songwriters like Don Stecker and Bob Ackerman as part of the Lower Greenville/East Dallas nightclub scene.

Yost formed his electric, rock and blues three-piece in 1986 and various versions of the Sofa Kings have appeared ever since. His 1999 solo recording Wichita Falls is a beautifully plaintive collection of blues that both celebrate and transcend the genre.

The more recent Essential Yost compiles songs from the debut with 2005's Life with a Crooked Eye.

In 2001, Rick won the Wildflower Festival National Songwriting Competition. Once you hear him play and sing, you'll understand the accolades. Trust me.

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Darryl Smyers
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