Gig Alert: Shinyribs Tonight at All Good Café

Update at 3:53 p.m.: Bad news, folks. As AllGood owner Mike Snider explains in the comments, the gig's been canceled because of the weather.

It may sound like a barbecue delicacy, but, turns out, Shinyribs is actually the side project of The Gourds frontman Kevin Russell.

Seems Russell's giant stockpile of songs needed another outlet since the guy's just one of three songwriters in his main project. The side project's nothing new, though: Shinyribs has been performing in and around Austin for nearly five years and has featured a revolving line up of that city's most talented players showing off behind Russell.

Word is that Russell is prepping a Shinyribs debut for release next month. If that effort is even half the record that Russell's solo debut (2002's Buttermilk & Rifles) was, all things will be heavenly in the alt-country universe. Rifles included two downright strokes of genius: "Virgin of a Cobra" and "(Somebody Bring Me A Flower) I'm A Robot." If you get a chance, holler those two titles out this evening as Russell takes the stage at AllGood Cafe.

Judging by the Shinyribs material that is already available online, Russell's incorporating even more of his Church of Christ upbringing into the cosmic stew of honky-tonk and acidf-olk. Songs like" (Who Dat Talking Bout) Holy Roller" and "Healing Power" are as good as anything Russell's contributed to the last couple of Gourds albums. And that's saying something.

The AllGood Cafe tonight is the perfect intimate setting to catch Russell and his high-quality Gourds leftovers.

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Darryl Smyers
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