Gig Alert: Slowride To Perform Special Reunion Show At Elm Street Tattoo Tonight

Well, it's 6:27 p.m.--or three hours and 33 minutes before the secret reunion show we mentioned earlier today on Twitter is set to begin--which means we can now break the silence we promised the band and announce that, at 10 o'clock this evening, Slowride will play a reunion show at Elm Street Tattoo.

Slowride, long a favorite area post-punk outfit, released its last album in February 2006, and shortly thereafter broke up after a move to Massachusetts.

Upon returning to Dallas, the trio moved on to different endeavors: frontman Dan Phillips formed True Widow; bassist Rob Marchant joined The Riverboat Gamblers; and drummer Steve Visneau, well, he became a photographer, sometimes even shooting for us (see his work in this year's Best Of issue).

Not sure why we had to keep it secret till now, to be honest--maybe because Elm Street Tattoo just doesn't hold that big of a crowd? Dunno. Either way, we'll be there. Hope to see you there, too.


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