Gig Alert: Sober's 'Final Top Notch' Tonight At The Cavern

Just a couple weeks after the residency's one-year anniversary party, Sober is pulling up the anchor on his upstairs Thursday night DJ set at the cavern. Tonight's "Bon Voyage Sober" party marks the final night of DJ Sober's "Top Notch," at least as a weekly event, as Sober will leave next week for a month-long cruise-ship DJ gig.

But fear not. Despite billing it as "The Final Top Notch," he says on his Decade web page that the party isn't completely over.

"Top Notch will continue when I return, probably in a monthly format," he writes. "I have some major things in store for 2010."

So do I, for that matter--like figuring out how to take a month-long cruise and get paid for it.

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