Gig Alert: Split Lip Rayfield and The Heelers Tonight at Rubber Gloves in Denton

Yes, I know that most of the cool, indie hipsters will be at House of Blues to catch MGMT tonight. But folks who enjoy music of a more rootsy vein might want to trek to Denton and check out Split Lip Rayfield.

Since 1995, this "thrash grass" combo has released a half a dozen albums, all of them worth yakking about. 2001's Never Make It Home is probably Split Lip Rayfield's best effort, seeing as it's the one effort where serious songwriting takes precedence over cornpone chicanery. For those of you who recall Austin's Bad Livers, Split Lip Rayfield should be right up your alley.
And give these guys bonus points for keeping things together after the death of founding member: Guitarist Kirk Rundstrom passed away from cancer in 2007. I'll Be Around, Split Lip's first album without Rundstrom, came out in 2008 and is a fine tribute to a fallen comrade.

Denton's own The Heelers open up tonight's proceedings and the Kansas-born Isaac Hoskins leads this trio in all sorts of interesting alt-country directions. Check out the band's MySpace site and dig into the earnest pleasures of songs like "Tonight" and "Flash Flood."

Tonight ought to be a great night to toss back a few cold ones and enjoy some solid Americana.

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