Glenn Tilbrook
Glenn Tilbrook

Gig Alert: Squeeze Frontman Glenn Tilbrook at The Prophet Bar

Former Squeeze frontman Glen Tilbrook makes a rather rare local appearance this evening at the Prophet Bar. And even though the choice of venue is kind of odd, getting to hear Tilbrook sing those new wave/pop confections from his Squeeze days will still be intriguing.

Of course, such Squeeze standards as "Pulling Muscles From a Shell," "Cool for Cats" and "Up the Junction" won't be the only items to be heard tonight. Tilbrook's latest solo album, Pandemonium Ensues, is a pretty damn solid affair--with bizarre guest appearances by Johnny Depp (on the cool "Too Close to the Sun") and Vanessa Paradis, who also happens to be Depp's wife.

Supposedly, Tilbrook and his Squeeze co-leader Chris Difford are already recording a new Squeeze effort for release next year. If it's half as good as Tilbrook's recent stuff, the commercial fortunes look favorable.

In any case, Tilbrook's excellent singing and guitar playing should be worth the trek to Deep Ellum this evening.

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