Gig Alert: State Radio at the House of Blues Tonight


I'll be attending the Portugal. The Man concert in the same building tonight

(in the Cambridge Room), those looking for a more earnest style of indie rock might want to check out

State Radio

, who will be playing this evening in the big room at the House of Blues.

The trio hailing out of Beantown has been playing its politically charged blend of roots-reggae, ska and punk since 2005. Although often lumped into the jam-band category (mostly because Chad Urmston and crew don't mind lengthening out a song), the band's left-leaning politics distinguishes them from many in the stoner brigade.

State Radio's most recent release, Let It Go, may well be the band's high water mark. Featuring anthemic rockers such as "Held Up by the Wires" and "Still and Silent," the record doesn't deviate from the political finger-pointing of past efforts. Consistency would appear to be State Radio's biggest virtue as accusatory verbiage and rock steady, reggae grooves carry the day. Not that regularity is a bad thing at all. When you excel at your mode of expression as well as State Radio does, there's really not much reason to change things up--even when the band is singing about changing things up.

Plus, the band's above video for Let It Go's "Knights of Bostonia" is pretty awesome.

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