Gig Alert: The Creepshow at Club Dada

Of all the genres and subgenres of music, I never expected that psychobilly--the frighteningly fitful combination of punk and rockabilly--would have such a protracted shelf life. But, somehow, a seemingly endless supply of disaffected youth continue to worship at the dual alters of horror movies and hardcore punk.

Ontario's The Creepshow is another act to gleefully celebrate at that mythical place where Iggy Pop and Elvira reign as King and Queen of camp and chaos--and the band makes its way to Dallas tonight for a gig at Club Dada.

Founded in 2005, this Canadian quartet has attempted to fill the void vacated once Glen Danzig left The Misfits. The Creepshow's most recent effort, Run For Your Life, is the first with singer Sarah "Sin" Blackwood. Sarah took over the vocal duties when her sister, Jen "Hellcat" Blackwood, left for maternity leave in 2007 and never came back. Life features such songs as "Demon Lover," "Buried Alive" and "Dearly Departed," cuts that somehow manage to escape those standard titles and reach deep into the classic well of horror punk as best epitomized by the Dance With Me album from TSOL.

With the recent death of legendary Cramps frontman Lux Interior, psychobilly bands might be seeing the end of the trail. But groups such as The Creepshow keep finding ways to keep shock rock alive and well.

Spector 45 opens the show and I'm sure main man Frankie 45 will be on his best behavior.

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