Gig Alert: The Ettes, THe BAcksliders, The Demigs Tonight at Rubber Gloves

It's always a good sign for any scene to have shows where the local opening bands have just as much to say as the out-of-town headliners.

Based out of Los Angeles, The Ettes is a charismatic trio that has previously been described as "trashy, disposable fun." And who am I to argue with that? Bits of Blondie, late '60s garage/punk and even some soul pops up and around in the sound of The Ettes. While it's not exactly a thinking person's fare, the band's most recent EP, Danger Is, contains such sloppy, hummable cuts as "Rules" and "I Heard Tell."

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening--especially since the real meat on this bill might just be the two openers.

THe BAcksliders seem to be on an endless roll, touring wherever it can find places to play--and next week's no different, finding the area blues-rock favorite playing New York City before returning to Texas for a gig in San Antonio and then heading out on a tour of the Midwest.

The Demigs, meanwhile, remain one of the best, unheralded bands in the area. Fans of Frank Black and the Pixies will want to get to Rubber Gloves early in order to check this act out.

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