Gig Alert: The Local Hang With Playlister P, Tonight at The Libertine

There's a lot going on tonight, I know. But if I may do a little self-promotion here and offer up one more suggestion for you to keep among your night-crawling options this evening: Starting at 10 p.m., I'll be holding up shop at The Libertine, taking over the PA system for the night and playing a selection of what I feel is the best that DFW has to offer music-wise--both new and old, and of all genres--until closing time.

It's the first in a new first-Monday-of-every-month residency I'll be hosting at the the favorite Lower Greenville haunt, in yet one more attempt to bring the local music gospel directly to the people.

But more than that, it really should be a good time. And, if the friends I've tested my material out on in recent weeks are any proof, it'll be a little surprising, too; there's a lot of good stuff music being created around here that people just aren't yet familiar with. That's all understandable enough; it can be tough keeping up with the national scene, let alone the local one, while maintaining the nine-to-five. I get it. I really do. But realize this, too: It's my job to keep up on this stuff.

So, please, stop on by--either instead of heading to one of the many shows happening tonight or after. Either way, I think you'll end up finding a few new local songs to enjoy--and more than a couple new tracks that you'll be shocked to find out are produced by local talents. For good measure, I'll keep track of the songs I'm playing and post a list for you all to check out tomorrow.

Oh, and one more thing: We're tentatively calling this thing "The Local Hang with Playlister P." Yes, Playlister P is me. And, no, I won't respond to any other name. Not tonight at least. Or maybe I will. Come test me--as I test you on your local music IQ.

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Pete Freedman
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