Gig Alert: The Slab Tonight At The Lounge On Elm Street

Gig Alert: The Slab Tonight At The Lounge On Elm Street

Been interested in Fizzy Dino Pop hip-hop collaborators Sore Losers but haven't caught their live act yet? Tonight's your chance to catch them in Dallas at The Lounge On Elm Street, along with the DC-9-approved Ty City.

Also on the bill are Drama Tha King, Madam Ice, Jesse Flamez, John E. Specs and DJ Fishr Price. As expected from Vigilante by now, it's a good mix of underground/indie hip-hop, commercial-leaning rap and a DJ who knows how to bring those worlds together.

As for Sore Losers, their just-posted free and wildly diverse mixtape Free Loaders: The Soundtrack shows they can bridge all those worlds and then some, and represents a leap of progress from the promise of their earlier party-ready electro/dance tracks. It's is a multi-personality collection of autobiographical revelation, philosophy and juvenile jokes over soul-, rock-, 8-bit- and synthed-up dance-influenced production. Plus, starting it with the image of a homeless man digging through a Dumpster--over production that sounds like a collabo between the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Tom Waits and oxycodone--is a bold stroke. Hopefully tonight's show will likewise be a mix of party anthems like the great "Bizarre Celebrations" and thoughtful rhymes.

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