The Von Ehrics. No, not the wrestlers.
The Von Ehrics. No, not the wrestlers.

Gig Alert: The Von Ehrics Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary Tomorrow Night at La Grange

Around this same time last year, The Von Ehrics released Loaded, the band's third and best effort to date. Filled with actual alt-country hooks to go along with the typical punk roar, Loaded sounded like a hybrid of The Goo Goo Dolls (when that band had something) and Slobberbone.

Now the news comes out that Robert Jason Vandygriff and crew are heading back into the studio to record the follow-up to Loaded.

But, first, The Von Ehrics have to celebrate the fact that the trio has managed to hang together for a decade. In this day when bands seem to be imploding at an alarming rate, it's nice to see some folks getting along while still making good music.

So Saturday's night anniversary party at La Grange offers a genuine reason to celebrate. Plus, another talented and recently reunited local act, Slick 57, opens up the festivities.

And, any band that names themselves after Dallas' preeminent wrestling family and still manages to make quality music deserves some love on its 10th anniversary.


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