VNV Nation

Gig Alert: VNV Nation and War Tapes at the Granada Tonight

Listening to

VNV Nation

is reminiscent of listening to alternative music when it was a viable and legitimate form of music.

The band isn't something you're going to hear on a traditional modern rock radio station; combining elements of electronica, dance music and a little bit of industrial for good measure, VNV Nation is the sound for kids who missed out on Nine Inch Nails in the early '90s. And the dour sound of the vocals actually meshes quite well with the upbeat electronic sound. Combining the two together gives the band's sound a little bit of hope shining through the despair.  

Tour mates War Tapes describes itself as "heart-quaking doom pop," a description that is fairly on point and is a good sound to have when you're on tour with VNV Nation. Reminiscent of acts like Interpol and Shiny Toy Guns, with a little bit of Joy Division thrown in for good measure, both acts make delightfully downtrodden music that would be a good fit in any John Hughes movie makeout scene--or maybe just a mixtape for that special someone. Unlike Joy Division, these bands' tendencies lie to the more pop side of dread-and-doom, which, actually, is a nice respite: What's the good in being gloomy if you can't rock out once in a while?

These bands' music shouldn't just be viewed as music for petulant, angst ridden teens. If you're a fan of The Bravery, Interpol, Depeche Mode or Shiny Toy Guns, VNV Nation and War Tapes have plenty to offer.

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