Gig Alert (Warning?): Cattle Decapitation Tonight at The Lounge

OK, so we know all the snobby, music elitists will be at the Devotchka/Crooked Fingers show tonight at HOB. But for those whose tastes are not so refined, well, you folks can head on down to The Lounge tonight to catch the sheer ugliness of Cattle Decapitation.

The San Diego quartet's genre of choice is called deathgrind--and that pretty much ought to tell you all you need to know.

But there's more to Cattle Decapitation than simple head-banging.

Seems the every member of the band is a vegetarian, and the songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals. Pretty heady for music of so little subtlety.

Cattle Decapitation's most recent effort is The Harvest Floor and it's not that different from the band's 1999 debut Human Jerky. The production is a bit cleaner, but it's still a screamfest of the highest order, with songs like "Tooth Enamel and Concrete" and "In Axestasy" telling a good deal of the story.

For those brave souls who venture out to The Lounge tonight, be sure to bring those ear plugs.

Your hearing should not be sacrificed at the Altar of metal excess.

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