Gig Alerts: Eric Neal and Anna Thomas at Dada, Owen Temple and Adam Carroll at Dan's Silverleaf

If you're done with your taxes (unlike, say, me) there are a couple of shows worth venturing out for this deadline Wednesday...

Local singer/songwriter Eric Neal headlines a nice local bill at Dada's Listening Room. Back in August, Pete did a nice post on Neal's Birthday Bash, also at Dada. But you can excuse a little rehash here on who that Neal has performed with: Chris Holt, Doug Burr, Fishing for Comets, Kristy Kruger, Olospo, Salim Nourallah, Woodbelly, The Chemistry Set, Dave Little, Gentleman Losers, Shibboleth and Sorta, among others. An impressive list, no doubt. Hell, this guy deserves kudos just for supporting the local scene so much. Accomplished on many instruments, it's tough to pin down the guy's sound. Perhaps that's a good thing.

Oh, and another reason to check out this show? Opening act Anna Thomas. She's 13 years old. Hardly sounds it though.

Meanwhile, up in Denton tonight, there are a couple of killer songsmiths plying their craft at Dan's Silverleaf. Austin's Owen Temple has a sound that oozes with Texas credibility. It ought to, too: He was born in Kerrville, and his most recent effort, Two Thousand Miles, was produced by Lloyd Maines and features Asleep at the Wheel's David Sanger on drums and legendary guitarist David Grissom. Tonight's opening act, Adam Carroll, is also no slouch when it comes to true-blue Americana. Hailing out of San Marcos, Carroll's a gifted songwriter in the Jerry Jeff Walker vein. His most recent CD, Old Town Rock 'n' Roll, does, as the title implies, amp things up a bit. But in the end, Carroll's way with words and melody will always be his calling card.

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