Gig Alerts: The Dead Kenny G's Tonight at Dan's Silverleaf, Off With Their Heads at Rubber Gloves

Besides possessing one hilarious moniker, The Dead Kenny G's is one hell of a jazz/punk trio. Led by percussionist Mike Dillon, a veteran of the Dallas rock scene, this testy triumvirate revels in the long lost nonsense/overboard aesthetic of Frank Zappa. And like Zappa, these guys are top-notch players who just happen to border on psychosis.

Dillon, saxophonist Skerik and bassist Brad Houser are part of Critters Buggin', yet another bizarre ensemble based out of Seattle. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey Keyboardist Brian Haas has previously toured with The Dead Kenny G's, but Haas has a solo gig in Cleveland tonight. Although Haas is indeed a mighty player in his own right, Dillon's trio should be able to press on with the clever lunacy.

With songs like "Mullet Cut," "SHAG!!" and "I Ate Lucy," it's not difficult to discern that this guys are pretty devil may care. But there's nothing careless in the precision of the band's brand of noise. It may sound ramshackle, but there is definitely a cool, funky base lying underneath all the caterwauling.

Noisy jazz ain't your thing? Well, you can always head down the road to Rubber Gloves and catch Minneapolis punkers Off With Their Heads. Fans of old school punk/hardcore a la Fear and Black Flag will do well to check out Off With Their Heads. I wrote about them a few months back, and this time around they are joined by Last of the Interceptors, Swedish Teens and Stymie, making for a lengthy evening of ranting and moshing.

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