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Gig Alerts: Trees Gets Busy With The Local Show Concert Series Tonight, And A Free Show From The Donnas Tomorrow Night

A couple interesting shows over the next two night's at the still freshly re-opened Trees in Deep Ellum.

Tonight, for instance, marks the second week of the Best DJ in Town's new weekly concert series at the venue. Continuing along the theme of his Sunday night "The Local Show" on KDGE-102.1 FM The Edge, Mark Schectman is now booking every Wednesday night at Trees with local bands only. And it's something of a competition, too, combining online voting and crowd reaction to determine a weekly winner. Each winner, then, gets tossed into the mix for consideration as an opening band at the next Edfefest. Tonight's bill includes Denton favorites RTB2 and Oso Closo, plus Fort Worth's Goodwin.

Tomorrow night, meanwhile, features a pretty solid back-up option if you're not planning on heading to the Granada Theater to catch the beast of a bill that is the Built to Spill/Dinosaur Jr. show taking place there: Trees will be playing host to a free Hornitos Tequila-sponsored show from girl-rockers The Donnas. Visit Trees' Web site and fill out a form to get onto the guest list. Then, so long as you're among the first 650 people to arrive to the show, you're in.

All in all, shaping up to be quite the week over at the Barlows' place.

Update: Apparently there's even an open bar as part of the deal for The Donnas' show? So I'm being told. Which is batshit nuts. But, also, awesome.

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