Giggle Party Couple To Open New House Venue In Expo Park

Giggle Party's Jason Reichl and Katrina Michie plan to open the doors to their home, at 824 Exposition Suite 8 near the Amsterdam Bar, as a DIY venue.

Writes Reichl in an e-mail:

Not only will we be having shows but also special events. As you know Denton has a good DIY scene and I think Dallas can also support such a venture. The success of Annex House or Mountain House goes to show that you can do something unorthodox in Dallas and have success.

The focus of The Handsome Kitten is to promote bands nationally and locally who want to present their music in an intimate form and who want to support art and the scene as much as their own music. THK (The Handsome Kitten) is modeled after other successful DIY venue such as The Smell in LA or Dog Park in Seattle.

...one other thing we will be trying to do is to make each event at the space unique. We plan to give door gifts and special promotional items to guest as they come to see bands. We want to share music, art, culture with like minded people in a super positive way.

Shows and events to be held at the house, dubbed The Handsome Kitten, will kick off with an April 11 Easter party.

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