Giveaway: A Free Poster and A Pair of Tickets for Tonight's Kurt Vile Show at City Tavern

In this week's dead tree edition of DC9, Doug Davis wrote a little preview for tonight's pretty phenomenal bill at City Tavern, featuring Kurt Vile & The Violators, Purling Hiss and Dallas' own True Widow.

It should be a great show, for sure, given the recent successes Vile has had. Writes Davis:

Kurt Vile is a sensational guitarist who spends considerable recording time crafting songs and sounds seemingly designed to obscure that fact.

The Philadelphia native has concocted a wildly diverse song book with four album releases during the past three years, all of which demonstrate prodigious skill and a musical palette that is as comfortable referencing My Bloody Valentine, Doc Watson or the Velvets as it is boasting a classic-rock influence. Continue reading...

Originally, you'll recall, this show was meant to take place at Club Dada, but, because of delays in receiving permits from the city, the show was moved to Dada co-owner Josh Florence's other establishment, City Tavern. Should still be quite the show, though -- seriously, going will be worth it just to hear True Widow's new material, trust us -- and, thanks to the folks bringing this show to town over at Parade of Flesh, we've got a sweet little package for one lucky reader interested in seeing tonight's show. PoF, you see, has been kind enough to offer one lucky DC9 reader both a free pair of tickets to tonight's show, plus a free copy of the above, right poster promoting it. Want the prize pack? Jump with us to see how to win...

Want the free tickets and the poster? Just be the first person, starting right now, to email me with the words "Widow Violator" in the subject line, and you're in. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner!

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