Giveaway: A Pair of Tickets To Tomorrow Night's Bishop Allen Show At Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth

The Brooklyn-based indie poppers in Bishop Allen stop through Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth tomorrow night as part of a tour in support of its March-released Grrr..., the band's third full-length since its Charm School debut in 2003--and, surely, its more ubiquitous. Take, for instance, "The Ancient Commonsense of Things" (as seen in the above clip), the album's highly verbose lead single, a song bound to sneak its way into the crooks of your head, thanks to its "ooooh-waaa-OOOHHH!" choral vocals, knowingly snide lyrics, and, well, overall cutesy pop sensibilities. I mean, it's kinda tough not to smile at a song that rhymes "what it meant to me" with "timpani," right?

And the folks at Spune Productions have been kind enough to pass along a pair of tickets to tomorrow night's show. Want in? Be the first person to email me with "Grrr..." in the subject line and the tickets are yours. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner.


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