Giveaway: A Pair Of Tickets to Tonight's Colourmusic Show at The Cavern

Michael Roberts doesn't take long to explain the backstory of Colourmusic in his write-up in this week's Observer. In fact, it just takes him one sentence:.

The first concept that sounded equally interesting to both [of the band's founders] involved writing songs inspired by colors--a notion reflected in the name of the band and the titles of their recordings to date. Continue reading...

Color us peachy, then, at the thought of checking out tonight's show. And, thanks to the folks at Spune Productions who booked it, we've got an extra pair of free tickets to hand out to one lucky DC9 reader. Could that be you? Sure it could! Just email me right now with the words "Colour Me Bad" in the subject line. If you're the first person to do so, you're in. It's as simple as that (just be sure, y'know, that your whole name is in the email somewhere). Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner.


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