Giveaway: A Pair of Tickets To Tonight's Show at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth with Alela Diane, Marissa Nadler and Bosque Brown

There's a lot to like about tonight's show at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth--so much so that the unique location of the show (in the museum itself) falls pretty far down the line. First of all, there's headliner Alela Diane, of whom Falling James writes in this past week's paper:

Her rustic folk tunes are often as magical as the natural wonders she evokes, with her lilting vocals and stark acoustic guitar threaded with mystically exotic strains of violin. Continue reading...
Then there's tour support Marissa Nadler, about whom James says this: "Her chillingly beautiful vocals feel otherworldly and positively dreamy." And, lastly, there's area product Bosque Brown, of whom I'll say this: Great as the touring acts on this bill are, Bosque Brown may just be the most impressive of the bunch, combining a Texas folk twang with a frontwoman Mara Lee Miller's wavering, classically American vocals.

So, yes, many thanks to the folks at Spune Productions for putting together such a fine bill--and, also, for offering one lucky DC9 reader the chance to win two free tickets to tonight's show. That could be you, by the way, if you're the first person to email me right now with the names "Diane, Nadler, and Miller" in the subject line. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner.

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Pete Freedman
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