Giveaway: A Pair of VIP Passes To See Thievery Corporation on

Fresh off the band's ACL performance this afternoon and follow-up after-party performance at Stubb's tomorrow night, trip-hop duo Thievery Corporation will be stopping by Dallas for a Sunday night date at the House of Blues. That Dallas stop is part of the act's (RED)-sponsored tour, aimed to help spread awareness of and fight the spread of the AIDS virus in Africa.

And to help further spread the word of its mission, the folks at (RED) have been kind enough to offer one DC9 reader the opportunity to chance to have VIP access to Sunday night's show, free of charge. In addition to entry to the show, the VIP access affords its holder the right to head backstage and meet Thievery Corporation as part of the deal. So, in short: A pretty sweet deal, especially for fans of the band.

Want in on the deal? OK, but you better act quickly. Like all DC9 giveaways, we're running this one simply enough, handing out the passes to the first person to call dibs on 'em. Could be you, too--just shoot me an email with the words "Fight AIDS in Africa" in the subject line. First person to do so wins the passes. Good luck! 

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner.

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Pete Freedman
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