He is not the same. He is a Martian.
He is not the same. He is a Martian.

Giveaway: A Whole Damn Luxury Suite For You And 11 Friends To See Lil Wayne at the Allen Event Center on Thursday

We, just like you, were caught off guard when we learned that Lil Wayne was booked to play the Allen Event Center on this Thursday night. But, alas, it's happening, folks--despite, even, his recent legal issues downstate (which come on top of earlier ones, too, duh). So it should be an interesting night, to say the least.

And then there's this: The folks at the Allen Event Center have offered us a whole damn luxury suite to give away for this show--that's 12 seats, folks, and private ones at that. Since this is kind of a special hook up, we're gonna run this giveaway a little differently. No multiple winners this time--just one lucky reader who's gonna get hooked up with the whole suite and given the opportunity to truly enjoy this night with a group of friends. Could be you, too. How? Easy: Shoot me an email between now and 5 o'clock this afternoon with the words "The Best Rapper Alive" in the subject line. Then, shortly after 5, we'll pick a winner at random and contact the winner.

Good luck. You'll actually need it this time.

Update: Contest is over. Many congrats to our winner, who beat out literally hundreds of other desperate would-be showgoers.

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