Giveaway: Five Pairs of Tickets to Tonight's Yann Tiersen and Deerhoof Show at the The Loft

We've already made a couple mentions of tonight's impressive bill at The Loft, which finds two experimental acts on vastly different ends of the spectrum sharing a bill, simply due to the convenient fact that they both happen to be in town on the same night -- this isn't a joint tour from Yann Tiersen and Deerhoof, just a one-off. Late last week, you may recall, we dubbed this show's poster (see right) as the Poster of the Week, and, in this past week's paper, Doug Davis touted the folks behind this pairing for their inspired works. Here's some of what Davis had to say, as a refresher:

Opening the evening is Deerhoof, which has evolved their sound from wild noise rock contrasted with the nonsensical vocals of Japanese singer Satomi Matsuzaki to a much more polished and melodic aesthetic of late. Lovably unpredictable and kooky, and boasting some damn good musicians, Deerhoof had been slowly leaking their excellent new album Deerhood vs. Evil for the past several months prior to its official release earlier this week.

Headliner Yann Tiersen, meanwhile, has followed a more traditional career arc, known more for his soundtrack work on the movie Amelie than for his more experimental solo recordings. A composer and performer with a knack for working traditional French folk music instrumentation with crashing guitars, processed voices and, on last year's Dust Lane release, analog synths, Tiersen may incorporate more traditional elements into his songwriting, but the end result is no less experimental than Deerhoof's output. Continue reading...
As Davis further states in his piece, this show should very much prove an interesting one from its listeners' perspective. And, as of now, despite the inclement whether, the show's still a go.

Update: Because of weather and travel concerns, Yann Tiersen and S.Carey are no longer on tonight's bill at The Loft. Deerhoof and Ben Butler will still play. Tickets are now $12. Refunds at point of sale.

Plus, thanks to the fine folks over at the venue on Lamar Street, we've got a few free passes to this show to hand out to some DC9 readers interested in having their musical horizons properly widened. Find out how to win your free passes after the jump.

Want one of the five free pairs of tickets? Cool, just be among the first five people to email me starting right now with the words "Yann Hoof" in the subject line, and you're in. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

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