Giveaway: Three Pairs of Tickets to Tomorrow Night's Strung Out Show at The Granada

In this week's paper, Eric Grubbs comments on Saturday night's Strung Out show at the Granada Theater, even going so far as to tell you all what you can expect from the show. But I guess that just starts to happen once you've reached two decades of performance, huh? Anyway, writes Grubbs:

Definitely expect turbo-charged drumbeats and crunchy guitars, along with gut-punching melodies from this five-piece. And while certain ardent fans may prefer material from the band's stunning second and third albums (Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues and Twisted By Design, respectively), the band has managed to keep its sound fresh all this time. Continue reading...

Dunno 'bout you, but it sounds like a party to me. And, if you agree--and you like free stuff--you're in luck: The folks at the Granada Theater have passed along three pairs of tickets for us to, in turn, pass along to three lucky DC9 readers. One of them could be you, too, if you email me right now with the words "Twisted By Design" in the subject line. First three people to do so each get a pair. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners.

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