Giveaway: Two Live Nation Club Passports To The House of Blues

Not gonna bore you with too many details here--we've already seen plenty of other special ticket price offers from Live Nation all summer long--but, anyway, here's the latest one: For a one-time purchase price of $49.99, Live Nation is giving area music fans the opportunity to purchase a "Club Passport" to the House of Blues, which gives its owner free access to as many shows as they'd like to attend until the end of the calendar year--well, except the sold-out ones. But, still.

Anyway, after the jump, check out the press release with all the details, as well as the initial list of shows the passport will get you into (including Bowling for Soup and Psychedelic Furs).

In the meantime, though, Live Nation's been kind enough to give us two passports to hand out to DC9 readers, which is a pretty sweet deal, we think. Want one of the passports? OK. Hit me up with an email--right now--and put "None Shall Pass" in the subject line. First two people to do so get them some passports. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

Starting today, and for limited time only, the Live Nation Club Passport is available for $49.99 at (site live at midnight). The all-in, no fee Club Passport lets concert fans see every available show at their local Live Nation-ticketed venues for the rest of the year, subject to availability.  If you're a Live Nation Club Passport holder, and the show's not sold-out, you're in!

The Club Passports are available starting today (September 17, 2009). On Mondays, Passport holders will be notified with participating venues and shows and the process to reserve their tickets. From here, all the fans have to do is bring their Passport and ID to the box office. No extra charges, no hassles.

Details and updates will be available on the national Live Nation Facebook Page and from the @LiveNation Twitter account. Local updates can also be accessed at

Shows included in initial Passport purchase:
HOB Dallas    Lupillo Rivera    9/18/09    Dallas
HOB Dallas    Enanitos Verdes    9/19/09    Dallas
HOB Dallas    Victor Wooten    9/20/09    Dallas
HOB Dallas    Mitchel Musso    9/22/09    Dallas
HOB Dallas    Every Time I Die    9/23/09    Dallas
HOB Dallas    Bowling For Soup    9/24/09    Dallas
HOB Dallas    Psychedelic Furs    9/25/09    Dallas
HOB Dallas    Kraig Parker    9/26/09    Dallas
HOB Dallas    Kinky    9/27/09    Dallas

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