Giveaway: Two Pairs Of Tickets To Catch Bishop Allen Tonight At Hailey's

Believe me, there's a reason why I'm posting the above trailer for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist here--and it's not just for kicks. I'm doing it for Bishop Allen, a fun little indie pop rock act whose "Middle Management" song pops up on the soundtrack for the film and is also used as the last song in the movie's trailer.

There's more to the band, of course--like the fact that, sonically, it's essentially Harvard's pre-emptive (by about four years) answer (the band's founding members met in Cambridge) to Columbia's Vampire Weekend (well...minus the Paul Simon...and with some added lo-fi). Oh, and the band is signed to the fantastic Austin-based sister label to Jagjaguwar and Secretly Canadian, Dead Oceans, so that's cool, too.

And, tonight, Bishop Allen stops through the region with a show at Hailey's in Denton along with Aussie duo An Horse and North Carolinian act Electric Owls, both of whom, I think, sound exactly like what you'd expect bands with those names to sound like. (And no, that's not a knock.)

Anyway, we've got two pairs of tickets to give away to this Spune Productions show. So, first two people to email me with the phrase "I want to be promoted to middle management" in the subject line get the tickets--and some serious cool points for quoting a five-year-old Super Bowl commercial.

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners. --Pete Freedman

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