Going To The Lounge On Elm Street This Weekend? Bring Your Own Booze

John Iskander of Parade of Flesh sent word that his next couple shows at the Lounge On Elm Street (Birds of Avalon on Saturday and Burst on Monday) will be BYOB. Fortunately, the situation is only temporary, according to Lounge co-owner Glenn Jackson.

"Our liquor license expired [in August]," he says. "We got all our paperwork done, but probably won't be back in the state system for a couple days. They told us it would be seven days at most. We didn't get in trouble with the TABC or lose our license. They came in the other night and told us what we can and can't do, and said that if we charge a cover, we're not allowed to even give away drinks."

Not wanting to pull the rug out from under touring bands already scheduled to play, Jackson decided to stay open and eat the costs for the next few shows, and give away draft beer on DJ nights. Cover charges for the two Parade shows ($8 Saturday, $10 to $12 Monday) will not be affected.

The renewal lapse, Jackson stresses, was not because the club couldn't pay or because of any kind of violation. Rather, it was a simple mistake.

"When you purchase a license, it's good for one year, but we thought it was good for two years," he says. "They didn't send a notice or anything, and we just didn't notice until it already expired. Now that we've renewed, our license will be good for two years."

Looking on the bright side, though, the fact that the club can afford to pay employees and stay open without bar sales is a good sign.

"Yeah, things have been great," Jackson says. "This is a big speed bump, but from about March on, we've been busy. We have slow nights here and there, but those are few and far between. Things were rolling till this. But whatever. Shit happens."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.