Gonzalez Brothers And Friends To Close eNeRGy

Bassist Aaron and drummer Stefan Gonzalez, who play together as grindcore duo Akkolyte and with their father, Dennis, in jazz trio Yells At Eels, have yet another brotherly collaboration coming up. The two will provide music at 9:30 p.m. Friday for the closing party of the eNeRGy exhibit at Kettle Art in Deep Ellum. Joining them will be Sarah Alexander on electronics and vocals, Nevada Hill on guitar and former Cowboys and Indians player Jim Lehnert on saxophones. Sounds like a very interesting mix. One could say the same about the eNeRGy exhibit, for that matter, which features local artists Mark Nelson, Richard Ross and Sergio Garcia. --Jesse Hughey

Update: Lehnert will not be playing, due to an injury. Also, Aaron sent more information about the set.

Update to the Update: Bobby Taylor of Orange Coax will replace Lehnert.

"While people might drop in and out as they are compelled by the improv situation, the idea is that it will be a complete quintet performance the whole time; probably just one set," Gonzalez writes. "And yes, it will be a freely improvised performance, most likely using a heavy drony base, and something melodic or modal floating a little more freely on top, alternating with harsher, wilder sections. I say that just because I know how these musicians might play; there are no written rules exactly.

Just so you know, Jim Lehnart had to cancel. His arm sustained an injury and he won't be able to play that night (though he will get better; don't worry). I have not yet announced this (though you may if you wish), because I just found out and am still looking for another horn player. I can send you the information when I know who, if anyone, will replace him. Sorry this is a short notice glitch, but that's how life throws it at you sometimes....."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.