Good Friday: Acid Mothers Temple, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Robin & Linda Williams, Caroline Herring, Foe Destroyer, Happy Bullets CD Release Show, Owl City, Viking Moses

I guess everyone is either happy about getting a tax refund or bummed about paying out to Uncle Sam. Either way, the musical plate about town this weekend is sufficiently busy.

First, the stuff covered in print: Murder by Death will be rattling listeners' bones at Rubber Gloves on Saturday night and there are all sorts of concert happenings at various record stores about town that same say as part of National Record Store Day. And, on Sunday night, High on Fire will melt faces at The Loft.

Meanwhile, on the blog, we told you about Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights' CD release gig at the House of Blues on Saturday night. Oh, and some band called the Rhomin' Hitchhikers will play Sons of Hermann Hall that night, too. Wonder who that could be?

Still, there's more. Quite a bit more.

Acid Mothers Temple, O.G.O.D
Friday, April 16, at The Loft

Good Lord. Yesterday, DC9 gave out five pairs of tickets to this show, so it makes sense to mention it again here. Psychedelic rock, space rock, experimental drone rock and improvisational noise rock are just a few of the phrases used to describe what Makoto Kawabata and the rest of Acid Mother Temple sound like. Prolific to a fault, the band is still capable of mind-expanding music. Not recommended for the faint of heart.

Patty Griffin
, Buddy Miller
Friday, April 16, at the House of Blues

For those folks looking for something a bit more rustic and mellow, there's this talented double bill. Miller, besides being a killer tunesmith, is also one hell of a guitarist who has played with the likes of Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Linda Ronstadt and Lucinda Williams. Patty Griffin also has connection with Harris and it shows in Griffin's sweet vocals and top-notch songwriting.

Caroline Herring
Friday, April 16, at All Good Café

Another great country/folk artist playing our area tonight is Atlanta's (by way of Austin) Caroline Herring. Many of Herring's songs deal with slavery and her southern upbringing. Perhaps a bit too literate for the Deep Ellum crown, Herring's music is none-the-less filled with engaging poetics and honest emotion. Herring's most recent set, Golden Apples of the Sun, is worth a listen or three.

Robin and Linda Williams
Friday, April 16, at Uncle Calvin's Coffee House

Yet another celebrated folk/roots act in our area this evening. Robin and Linda Williams are a husband and wife duo from Tennessee who has been performing since 1971. In that time, the pair has released twenty albums while becoming a mainstay of Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion. The Williams' best effort is probably 1996's Sugar for Sugar, but I'm sure tonight's performance will feature songs from across the duo's deep discography.

Foe Destroyer
Friday, April 16, at Hailey's

Most of these guys used to be in Oso Closo, which should either make you smile or plug your ears. You be the judge. Cool name, though.

Happy Bullets, Red Monroe, Giggle Party
Saturday, April 17, at The Doublewide
Hydro Panic at the Natatorium, the new EP from Oak Cliff's own Happy Bullets, is one of the most joyful local releases I've heard in some time. So why not add to the fun by celebrating the EP's release at Doublewide this Saturday? Plus, two other fine local acts appear on this bill: Red Monroe and Giggle Party. Eric Steele, of Red Monroe, has one of those dry, childlike voices that just screams indie credibility. And Giggle Party? Just listen to how much these guys enjoy living up to the band's name.

Owl City

Saturday, April 17, at Nokia Theater

All the stuff about Owl City's Adam Young ripping off the Postal Service (the band, not the government entity) makes me chuckle. Like, when did that damn Postal Service record come out anyway? Oh yes, it was 2003, when Young was all of 15. So maybe he copped a few riffs from a band he liked. Who hasn't done that? Besides, no matter how fey it may appear, "Fireflies" is a good song to listen to when you're baking cookies. Trust me.

, Suede
Saturday, April 17, at Glass Cactus

Talk about your '80s and '90s hangovers. Check out this double bill happening in Grapevine on Saturday. Both England's Suede and Canada's Loverboy achieved huge mainstream success back in their perspective heydays, but now both bands have been relegated to the oldies circuit, where I'm sure they do quite well. This show is standing room only, so those thirty-, forty- and fifty-somethings who plan on attending need to rest up and have their kids mow the lawn Saturday afternoon.

Viking Moses
Sunday, April 18, at Dan's Silverleaf

Hailing out of Missouri, Brendon Massei has been leading various conglomerations of musicians under the Viking Moses banner since 2003. Massei's self-chosen descriptor is "melancholy Americana" and I guess that will do. Viking Moses' most recent effort, The Parts That Showed, was produced by Paul Oldham (brother of Will) and even includes the most unlikely of covers: Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You." This might be the must-see show of the weekend, folks.

..and there you have it. Got others worth checking out? Add 'em in the comments.

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