Good Friday: Lil Wayne at Gexa Energy Pavilion, and The Rest of This Weekend's Shows

It seems that The Young Money Millionaire is making up for time lost while locked up last year.

Lil Wayne is returning to Dallas on Saturday at the Gexa Energy Pavilion after performing at the American Airlines Center only five months ago. And the opening acts are reason enough to check him out again: Rick Ross, Keri Hilson, Far East Movement, and Lloyd will all be supporting the rapper on Saturday.

But if hip-hop isn't your thing, there are plenty of other shows going on this weekend, starting with the ones we've already mentioned earlier this week.

Tonight, Spune Productions will throw its Fall Social with Balmorhea, Telegraph Canyon, Seryn, the newly signed Bethan, and more at Dada.

On Saturday, The Orbans and Quiet Company will perform at Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth, and Gym Class Heroes will be over at The Granada Theater.

And on Sunday, Pat Boone will perform at the Murchison Performing Arts Center on the University of North Texas Campus, and, down the street, O'Death and Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? will be at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

Hit the jump to check out the rest of this weekend's shows.

Gothic Dance Party Round 2
Friday, September 9, at The Phoenix Project

Finally, an event that gives The Church some competition. Only, the Phoenix Project is an East Dallas house that hosts DIY events like this one. The first one went so well that they're doing it again.

Kittie, Dirge Within, Diamond Plate
Friday, September 9, at Trees

I remember thinking it was funny 10 years ago when I first heard about Kittie, an all-girl metal band complete with guttural screams. But, now, presumably because of some glitch in the universe, they are still around, having outlasted peers like Limp Bizkit.

Yarbrough & Peoples
Friday, September 9, at Center City Bar & Grill

This Dallas R&B duo had a Billboard No. 1 hit in 1981 with "Don't Stop The Music," which happens to be an amazing song. Tonight's performance, a rarity for the duo these days, will be to honor Dallas Fire Chief Eddie Burns as he retires after 32 years of service and a handful of sexual harassment suits. They probably won't congratulate him on that second thing, but it sounds like a fun party.

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Brew at the Zoo
Saturday, September 10, at The Dallas Zoo

This is an Observer-sponsored party, which means that it should be pretty awesome. Where else can you hang out with lions and get hammered on Anchor Steam? There will also be bands there. Rebirth Brass Band will do their New Orleans jazz thing, and, unless my information is wrong, The Spazmatics will be joined onstage by a live gorilla.

Bugs Henderson (Cancelled), Petty Theft
Saturday, September 10, at Dan's Silverleaf

Blues guy Bugs Henderson's show in Denton tomorrow night has been canceled, leaving area dads looking for something else to do. One dad that will still be there is The Ticket's own Mike Rhyner, whose Tom Petty tribute act Petty Theft -- originally scheduled to go on after Henderson -- will still perform.

Legalize It "Just Say Know"
Saturday, September 10, Club Clearview parking lot in Deep Ellum

Did you know marijuana isn't legal? Well, the folks over at Unified Arts are trying to raise awareness, this weekend, about the plant that can apparently be smoked for hallucinogenic effects. The problem is, it's still against the law to even have the stuff, but the promoters of this concert hope to change all that. And they're doing so with performances from artists such as Immigrant Punk and Kush McLovin. Also, there will be live graffiti art and "gourmet munchies."  

Menkena, Quaker City Night Hawks, DJ Cee Pee
Saturday, September 10, at La Grange

In my book, Menkena's new record, With You I'll Travel, is one of the best of local releases of 2011 so far. But tap the brakes a little bit before you carve it into your year-end list -- there are still three months left. And now that the band's entire lineup, except for singer Jimmy Menkena, has changed over the last few months, it's a whole different band. Check them out at La Grange.

Sans Soleil, My Education, Terminator 2, A Smile Full Of Ale
Saturday, September 10, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

This is a good show for ethereal noise-rock fans in Denton. Sans Soleil has created some interesting stuff in the last few months, including the two songs they did for Violitionist. It's a slow grinding, dark, instrumental rock sound, which will go perfectly on the stage at Rubber Gloves.

Saddle Tramp, The Chiefs, Trinity River Folk, Aaron Barker
Saturday, September 10, at Bryan Street Tavern

One of the best parts about the Brew at the Zoo is that it will be over just in time to catch Trinity River Folk (which, full disclosure, includes the Observer's own Jesse Hughey) at Bryan Street Tavern. And while it may be tough to choose between this show and Legalize It (sarcasm, duh), spending the rest of the night with this folk collective is a safe bet.

... and that's it from us. We hope you have a good weekend. Remember, if you don't go see a show this weekend, the terrorists win. See you back here on Monday.

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