Good Friday: New Science Projects, Zeuss/House Harkonnen, THe BAcksliders, VEGA?, Squeeze, Sean Kirkpatrick, Kate Voegele, Bear Colony, Beard-a-Fit 2

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Weekend's here. Stuff's happening. You should go.

Enough pleasantries. The show's we already told you about...

All weekend long, you can catch the Beach Boys show at the Meyerson Center. Tonight, there's Mudhoney at the Granada, the Wye Oak/Brickfight/Nouns Group show at the Chat Room Pub, the Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights/We Are Villains gig at Hailey's, and the Faux Fox CD Release show with The Party and Hawatha Hurd (...and that's pretty much it for the Friday night action). On Saturday, catch there's the Red Monroe/PPT/Baboon gig at Dada and Janiva Magness at Pearl on Commerce.

And then, of course, the shows we haven't yet gushed about...

Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things, New Science Projects, Clint Niosi, The Angelus Friday, Sept. 5, at the Double Wide Pretty much the lone show going on tonight that we haven't written about yet, but could still be worth your while. By now, you should know that The Angelus is pretty rock solid and that much of that praise is directed, specifically, at the vocals of frontman Emil Rapstine. Guy's got a nice voice that matches the band's sound. New Science Projects is a gritty, kinda experimental blues rock kinda thing--tough to describe, other than to say that it's very raw, emotional stuff worth checking out. Don't know much about Clint Niosi, although I keep seeing his name pop up on some interesting bills. And I know even less about Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things, except to say that this is that band's CD release show, and as such, they've made it a free affair. So, uh, yay for them.

Kung Foo Preacher, Zeuss, Lame, Black Tie Vendetta, Primordius Friday, Sept. 5, at Curtain Club I feel like I've been writing about the House Harkonnen in like every Good Friday for the past month. Maybe I have, I dunno. But I'm still dumbfounded by them because I saw them at the Curtain Club a few weeks back for what I was told was their last show ever, and they were awesome. Like really good, heavy, heavy rock, with some garage influence. But I kept seeing them on bills after that, and I'd heard that they were starting a new band called Zeuss. So I finally asked the band what was up and their response was that they're not breaking up. But, it seems, Zeuss is still gonna happen as a separate project. Tonight, I believe, is one of Zeuss' first gigs. Could be cool. If you're not feeling like taking a risk, though, head on down to Lola's in Fort Worth tomorrow night for the sure-thing HK show, as the guys play alongside the Feds.

THe BAcksliders, Lovie, PJ and the Bear Saturday, Sept. 6, at the Double Wide Another night, another cool show at the DW. You know THe BAcksliders and Lovie by now--damn near the whole city does (especially those who enjoy chick-fronted rock)--and this show should be a pretty crowded affair if only for those two acts. Also, there's a few PJ and the Bears out there in the world of Myspace, one from Tennessee and one from Austin. I couldn't figure out which one this is, but whatever, you're probably not going to this show for them anyway.

VEGA, Cynical Plague, Arkaynum, All the Above Saturday, Sept. 6, at the Door (or, actually, the Prophet Bar, but "In the Big Room") Don't know anything about this show except that there's a band called VEGA on it. If that means Alan Palomo of Ghosthustler's new project, then, yeah, this could be worth checking out. But since it's not listed on his Myspace page (and really doesn't seem the right venue for his taste), I'm guessing it's not him. So, in turn, no need to go? Probably not.

Squeeze, Fastball Saturday, Sept. 6, at House of Blues Remember Squeeze? Maybe, but not really? Hey, me too! Turns out they're playing Dallas this weekend! But not with Jools Holland, whose gone on to TV fame in the UK and whatnot. Lame. And they're playing with Fastball, a band from Austin that knows how to write good pop songs (their songs on the radio in the late '90s/early '00s are proof of that), but hasn't done anything exciting in years. If that sounds like your thing, go for it. Won't find me there, though.

The Great Tyrant, Sean Kirkpatrick, Silk Stocking Saturday, Sept 6, at The Lounge on Elm Street The fact that this venue chooses to use the "on Elm Street" part of their name constantly reminds me of the whole Freddy Kruger thing. Which is fine, I guess, but especially fitting on this night where gloom popper Sean Kirkpatrick will be performing with a full band (and may, I'm told, reveal a new name for their project), alongside gloom circus rockers The Great Tyrant and the also gloomy Silk Stocking. Last time I saw the Great Tyrant, my response was that they were, and I quote, "really fucking weird," but I think I'm gonna head to this show and give 'em another chance. Either way, it should be a nice, depressing night. Thanks Gutterth!

Kate Voegele, Matt White, Josh Hoge Sunday, Sept. 7, at The Loft Kate Voegele's on the radio, I think--or at least gunning for it hard--and this show is part of her single-worded Back2School tour. Which is nice and all, but, really, Kate, do you think it's a great idea to throw a "Back2School" show on a school night? And have the doors open at 8 p.m., no less? Come on... Rant aside, this should be a night of pretty standard but potentially endearing singer-singwriter fare, if that's your thing.

Luminate, Look Mexico, Bear Colony, Tyler Jordan, Criminal Shift Sunday, Sept. 7, at The Prophet Bar Don't know anything about the other bands on this bill, but the last time Bear Colony came through, this guy and I checked them out and both really enjoyed their set. So, yeah, I recommend their stuff. I believe, at the time, I called them a "less shiny Shiny Toy Guns." I don't think that really works, but if you give 'em a listen on their Myspace, maybe it'll make sense to you, like it apparently did to me then.

Beard-a-Fit 2 with Cas Haley, The Slack, THe BAcksliders, others... Sunday, Sept. 7, at Club Dada You know Beard. You've seen him scowl as he looks at your ID. You've seen him smile as he cracks a joke about his favorite club in town, Casino Royale. Well, his pocket's still reeling from the high medical bills that inspired the initial Beard-a-Fit, so this benefit's back. Some cool local headliners--don't really see Cas Haley performing around town too often any more, but alas, here he is--and a whole bunch of cover bands from the '70s, too. Good cause for a good guy--and I know it'd mean a lot to Beard if he saw you there. So, you know, there you go.

...and that's your weekend. --Pete Freedman

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.