Good Friday: Slow Roosevelt at Trees, Slayer and Marilyn Manson, Los Campesinos!, Heartstring Stranglers

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OK everybody. Show me some grace here, because this Good Friday you're reading marks the first time Mr. Pete Freedman has trusted your mostly-friendly neighborhood Denton correspondent to offer up the show-going options for the weekend. There's loads of release shows this weekend, but before that:

First, I kinda regret not talking to Pete about letting me do a Good Thursday for yesterday, because last night blessed the area with a mess of good shows. But, I digress, because the rest of your weekend promises some good shows as well.

Second, my show descriptions will be brief, and I'll probably miss a several shows that I "should not have missed, etc." But, look, I just got home from my day job, and, like you, I'm tired and ready to open a cold Carta Blanca and listen to some music. Lastly. Yeah, I'm going to tell you about more Denton shows than Pete might, but Pete'll be back next week, right? Complain to him.

Hopefully, by now, you've already got your hands on our latest print edition, and got a pretty good idea of some of the shows this weekend offers. But, for those of you who, like me, can't remember much you read past a day, here's a recap of the stuff we've already mentioned. And, thankfully for me, we've already mentioned a bunch of shows.

As for Friday, get ready for some: Live. Loud. Music. Because, as you've probably read by now, a new venue is opening in Deep Ellum. The club, called Trees, is in the exact, same, location where Trees used to be. Tonight, the new venue is hosting a Slow Roosevelt reunion show, which reminds me of Trees. I can't wait to step foot inside and reminisce, but I have to keep reminding myself that my memories of begging the sound guy for a cassette tape after many a shows there are nothing but watercolor ponies. (Yeah, I just made that reference.) Get ready for some brand new memories this weekend Dallas!!

On Saturday, Dan's Silverleaf is hosting Nerd Bar Presents. Also, there's the Mayhem Festival with Slayer, Marilyn Manson, etc. at Superpages.com Center. Hailey's Club plays host to the release show for Fishboy's NOM EP. Iji and Watercolor Paintings open (both bands worth catching), and I was told The Om Nom Noms will be front-and-center to observe. Those of you who missed the bands' sets in Denton on last night get another chance to catch The Smith Westerns along with Los Campesinos! and Girls at Granada Theater

On Sunday, The Heartstring Stranglers CD release show at The Schoolhouse should be cool, because, no matter how hot the DIY venue gets, there'll be plenty of fans. As in portable fans. (It's a "B.Y.O.F Party," get it?) New Science Projects, Ryan Thomas Becker, Roy Robertson and Febrifuge are also booked.

Keep reading post-jump for a few more events worth checking out....

Disco:Hate CD Release Show with New Science Projects and The County Lines.
Friday, August 14 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton

OK, did anybody else see that hilarious picture of those girls smoking on a porch that RGRS had up on the Web site the other day? Hilarious. Anyway I don't know how Disco:Hate feels about Disco, but the band's rollicking, barroom-style sound makes me wish I had that Carta Blanca already. This is the release party for the band's new album Meet Me In the Bathroom (a phrase I heard far too often from a certain middle school bully who shall remain nameless). And, if you haven't caught New Science Projects out yet, then you better get on it. This should be a show worth checking out.

Ten 55
Friday, August 14, at Crazy Horse Saloon & Dancehall

Ten 55, a band which I know nothing about other than what's pasted on its MySpace page, is playing tonight, and tomorrow night, at the Crazy Horse Saloon & Dancehall in Denton. What's that? You've never been to the Crazy Horse, well, it's one place you can go in Denton where the pitchers of beer are cheep and there's always people out on the dance floor.

Record Hop, The Slowburners
Friday, August 14 at Dan's Silverleaf

A solid bill.

Young & Brave CD Release Show, with Dirty Birds, The Beaten Sea
Saturday, August 15 at Rubber Gloves

I cannot believe how many release parties/shows we've had around town lately, and this promises to be an interesting one.

The Uptown Bums, Buzzer and Impediments
Saturday, August 15, The roof of Cool Beans

What's that? You miss drinking beer and going to shows on Fry Street...Well, here ya go.

Here, In Arms album release show, Life in Jersey and RTB2
Saturday, August 15 at City Tavern

Yet another release show.

Dani Deahl's Texas Birthday Bash
Saturday, August 15 at Fallout Lounge

It was just a few months back that Deahl made her presence known at Fallout Lounge. And packed the place outon a Tuesday night. Well, this is a Saturday night. And, apparently, Disqo Disco/Sydney Confirm's Redsean put together this little shindig to celebrate her birthday. Accordingly, Redsean, Young Adult Fiction and Passenger Panda will open the night. I probably don't need to tell you that there'll be lots of folks there taking pictures of the crowd, so, unless you want to look like a dapple horse in a den of Zebras, then you'd better head to American Apparel or Urban before the show. Read all about it here on Disqo's blog.

Thank you for reading, hope that wasn't too brief for you. That is all. At least all I had time to type up.

Now, it's your turn to start filling up the comment section with all my faults....

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.