Good Friday: Steve Earle at Billy Bob's Texas, Plus The Rest of This Weekend's Shows

There are some pretty big shows coming to town this weekend -- massive ones, actually. But you'll be hard-pressed to find a more important singer than Americana legend Steve Earle, who will perform at Billy Bob's Texas on Saturday night.

He's not the only legend playing in town this weekend, though. We've got another one of those to share with you, too -- along with the rest of the weekend's shows, starting with the ones we've already mentioned.

Tonight, Rihanna's show at American Airlines Center will, no doubt, be the biggest of the weekend. Meanwhile, Datahowler will perform at The Loft in the Nylo Hotel in Plano. And, as we mentioned yesterday, the guys from Drowning Pool will be mixing drinks at The Boiler Room. Oh, and The Kessler Theater will screen the documentary The Last Record Store, and celebrate DJ culture with Hot Box Beats.

On Saturday, legendary country singer Billy Joe Shaver will continue The Kessler Theater's Storytellers series with a little help from opening act The O's, and RTB2, Smoke & Feathers, Monastery and Diamond Age will all be at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

After the jump, the rest of our picks for this weekend's top music-related events.

Madison King
Friday, July 8, at Bar Belmont

There's been a lot of talk around these parts lately about whether or not Madison King deserves a Deep Ellum mural. Yeah, she plays in Deep Ellum a lot. But, yonight, you can catch her out of her element -- in Oak Cliff. Seriously, though, the Belmont is kind of the perfect venue for her brand of folksy country stuff. And it's doubtful they'll paint her face on the side of the hotel anytime soon.

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Yellow Fever, Ethereal & The Queer Show, Cocky Americans
Friday, July 8, at Hailey's Club in Denton

When Vivian Girls were kind of a big deal a few years back, they performed at The Cavern. During an interview at the show, Kickball Katy talked up to us the Austin band Yellow Fever as the next big thing. She had a vested interest, though; the Vivian Girls would later put out Yellow Fever's self-titled debut on their Wild World record label. Now that the dust has all settled, Yellow Fever is still touring in support of the record, which includes their stop at Hailey's tonight.

David Cote, Paco Estrada, The Commotion, Sonar Lights
Saturday, July 9, at Trees

It's hard to take a band with a full-time auxiliary percussionist seriously. I should know. I was an auxiliary percussionist once, and our band was terrible. The same rule should apply to the David Cote Band, who will headline Trees with the help of longtime nu-metal stalwart Paco Estrada and some other bands.

Shanghai 5, Dim Locator, DJ EZ Eddie D, AC Derby Afterparty
Saturday, July 9, at Lee Harvey's

Shanghai 5 is back with a bunch of new songs, says one of the five, Reid Robinson. A new drummer, too. Former Polyphonic Spree and Tripping Daisy drummer Bryan Wakeland will hit the tom-toms repeatedly at this show tomorrow night. Dim Locator and DJ EZ Eddie D (whose DJ name is ironically hard to pronounce) will open.

Lance Lopez
Saturday, July 9, at The Bone

Lance Lopez is a pretty well-respected blues guitar player -- y'know, by people who like the Blues Hammer's "authentic way-down-in-the-Delta blues."

Spoonfed Tribe, Twin Shape, Dead Skeleton
Saturday, July 9, at Dada

Like I said earlier, it's hard to take a band with a full-time auxiliary percussionist seriously, as Spoonfed Tribe does. This show, however, has another purpose: It's a celebration of the 10-year anniversary of KNON-89.3 FM's "Rocket Radio," which highlights the world of goth and industrial music. So, y'know, Spoonfed Tribe will fit right in.

Toology - A Tribute to Tool
Saturday, July 9, at House Of Blues

Should a tribute act wait until the band they're saluting has broken up before forming a full-blown touring thing? We report, you decide.

... and that's it from us. We hope you have a good weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday. Also, feel free to leave anything we missed in the comments.

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