Good Friday: Swim Swim, Mount Righteous, Giggle Party, Darktown Strutters, Richmond Punch, DJ Nameless, Animal House and More

Just because it's freezing out and everyone in Dallas seems to have a sinus infection doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself at a show. Misery loves company, you know?

So as usual, the shows we've already mentioned: Tonight, music editor Pete Freedman is helping to judge at the Texas High School Rock Off at House of Blues, so be sure to buy him a shot of Jameson. He'll be the only one there without X's on his hands. Also tonight, the legendary Willie Nelson performs at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth.

On Sunday, The Wailers Band--not to be confused with The Wailers--play House of Blues. And throughout the weekend, violinist Jennifer Koh and conductor Nicholas McGegan will lead the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra through Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

None of that's doing it for you? OK, well, how about these options? After the jump, that is...

Funk Dirty, DJ Shy Guy, Swim Swim
Friday, January 8, at the Lounge On Elm Street

I just got an email from one Jeremy Aulden, former leader of local indie-pop band Swim Swim. Last year, Aulden was kind enough to furnish DC-9 with a killer Swim Swim MP3. Now living in Austin, the singer/songwriter/artist has set up an art collective which now includes nearly fifty members, but he's back in town tonight for a Swim Swim reunion gig.

Tonight at the Lounge, Swim Swim will hit the stage at around 8 pm, followed by the increasingly-popular, local groovesters Funk Dirty. Aulden says that besides going through Swim Swim's brief catalogue, the band will be playing some new songs and could break out in all sorts of new directions. Swim Swim's atmospheric pop might be just the thing to brighten the mood of any wayward UT fans that might be milling around Deep Ellum this evening. --Darryl Smyers

Mount Righteous, Giggle Party, Mr. Troll
Friday, January 8, at Andy's Bar, Denton

Cory Graves from Mount Righteous sent an e-mail last month saying that the band would be doing some ambitious, painstaking recording with John Congleton this month. And this should be a big year for the band, as the members all quit their day jobs and bought a van with plans to tour three out of every four weeks, according to Graves. Tonight's show, he writes, "is where we will unveil our new bigger/louder/electrified/less-cupcakes-in-the-sky stage show featuring all of the never before heard songs (and a few favorites)." The spastic punk-party fun of Giggle Party is an excellent pairing, I'd say.

Darktown Strutters, Fizzy Dino Pop, Sore Losers
Friday, January 8, at City Tavern

I've only seen roots-, blues- and country-influenced rock at City Tavern, so this is an interesting venue for "satanic disco," J-Pop electronica and dancefloor-friendly electro-hip-hop. You can probably safely expect Sore Losers and Fizzy Dino Pop to get together for their awesome "Bizarre Celebrations." Also, be on the look out next week for Daniel Rodrigue's update on the Darktown Strutters, who recently moved to Oak Cliff and plan to release an album soon.

Mark's Birthday Celebration with Welby, Steel Hook Prostheses, A Smile Full of Ale, The Watchers, Joey Lawrence Gets A Coke Problem, more
Saturday, January 9, at Good Records

Check out this video from last year's celebration for an idea of what to expect from the heavy industrial noise combo Steel Hook Prostheses. It's a night of experimental, electronic, noise, improv, ambient music and combinations thereof. Along with Mark Church (the Good Record clerk whose birthday is being celebrated), the Watchers features Mike Chamy of Zanzibar Snails, and is like a denser, darker, louder and more frightening version of that band. Welby is Church's solo electronic noise project.

Richmond Punch, DJ Nameless
Saturday, January 9, at Wish

Richmond Punch is the artistic director of the Dallas Uptown Youth Orchestra, but he's also an accomplished jazz violinist who likes to play along with hip hop tracks. Check out how he reworks a couple of contemporary hip-hop songs here. Saturday at Wish, he'll accompany DJ Nameless of Jet Las Vegas. Could be interesting in spite of the ultra-lounge setting.

Animal House with Damaged Good$, Uzoy, galleryCat, Jabee, Fishr Pryce
Saturday, January 9, at the Lounge On Elm Street

This is another excellent lineup that shows there's more to Dallas hip hop than the D-Town Boogie, brought to you by Vigilante. GalleryCat's "Say Say Say" and DMG$ "Follow The Leader" both landed on DC9's Best Songs In Dallas Music 2009 list. Then again, so did Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job," which falls squarely in Boogie territory even without an accompanying dance. Clearly, we're not choosing sides here at DC9. But chances are you won't hear "Do The Ricky Bobby" Saturday at the Lounge.

The Naptime Shake, Corey Howe
Saturday, January 9, at the Double-Wide Bar

The Naptime Shake is fronted by my good friend and fellow Observer writer Noah W. Bailey, so when I say that the title track of Blood And Panic was one of my favorite songs of the year it might come off as biased. So consider that the album also made Quick's best local albums list and that its "Honeybear" gets regular airplay on KXT. Or you could download a track and read reasons why you shouldn't like it from Noah himself.

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