Good Friday: The Halloween Weekend Edition

OK, let's try to get this one out of the way early this time, eh? For once?

First, the show's we've already told you about...

Obviously, tonight's Halloween, and we've not once, but twice given you clues about some good themed shows to see. (Actually, three times, although this one was a repeat.) Anyway, that's Friday, pretty much. Well, that and the Alejandro Escovedo and Los Lonely Boys show at the House of Blues that we kinda mentioned. Oh, and Kool Herc's appearance at Minc. For Saturday, we told you about Sound Tribe Sector 9 at House of Blues and the second-to-last New Frontiers gig, and, again, we kinda mentioned the Sole and the Skyriders Band gig with Anonymous at the Lounge. Lastly, as Sunday goes, we've already recommended Mountain Goats and Kaki King at the Granada, Slaid Cleaves at Dan's Silverleaf and The Redwalls at Lola's Saloon (with the Tomorrowpeople as openers).

As always, though, there's more where those came from...

Third String Productions' Monster + Mosh Friday, October 31, at the Plano Centre This show stated at 3 p.m. today, and it's really not my bag. Nor is it most people's. But I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day about how kids find out about these bands--they're not on the radio, so is it all Myspace? I wasn't sure--well, until I walked into Hot Topic at the Valley View Mall last night to see if I could get a digital watch on the cheap to finish off my Marty McFly costume (nope), and, lo and behold, there on the CD rack next to the counter, was every single emo band I've ever heard of's CDs. Go figure. Anyway, for this set, I guess it's an impressive lineup of acts from across the country that these guys have pulled together. Full lineup here.

Hands Up Halloween with The Party Friday, October 31, at The Loft Imagine the dance party set hopped up on sugar. Scary though, I know.

Circus della Morte, Circus della Morte, Invincible Czars and Shaolin Death Squad Friday, October 31, at the Boiler Room in Denton Another Halloween show. But with Circus della Morte and burlesque dancers--who are always a hit--this could be a slightly different take on the same ol' rock concert formula.

Play-N-Skillz' '80s Halloween Bash Friday, October 31, at House of Blues You know Play-N-Skillz, the local producers behind some of Lil Wayne and Chamillionaire's biggest hits. Tonight's their second annual '80s Halloween Bash. There was an early RSVP list, so I don't know how many spots there are gonna be to get into this show, but it might be worth your while to see how long the line is. These guys know how to throw a good party.

Bobby Patterson and Shibboleth Friday, October 31, at the Granada Theater Because we feel obligated to mention it every time Bobby Patterson and Shibbolet play together...

The Great Tyrant, Darktown Strutters and Silk Stocking Friday, October 31, at Chat Room Pub in Fort Worth Three acts that play music that sounds like its been made for Halloween (and play it even when it isn't) performing on one bill just makes sense for tonight, I guess.

The Crash That Took Me, Les Americains, True Widow Saturday, November 1, at the Double Wide The Crash That Took Me is pretty much a sure thing for a good time, and though I haven't yet seen Les Americains, this seems like a pretty perfect musical pairing based on what I've heard of the new-ish, but promising band. True Widow, another promising act, but less bombastic and more shoegaze-y, opens.

Little City Tavern's Big Benefit Show Saturday, November 1, at City Tavern Nothing wrong with trying to support a good cause like City Tavern is with this show that benefits the North Texas chapter of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program and features acts like Taylor Davis, The Felons, Mike Graff, Escort Service, RTB2 and, of course, the Zound Sounds students.

Crystal Antlers, Lake, Desolation Wilderness Saturday, November 1, at a certain house on a certain Dallas avenue that rhymes with a vulgar synonym for urine Crystal Antlers? Really? That's an impressive get for this house venue that's been going on for a couple years now. Crystal Anlters, from what I've read, did as much as any band to increase its buzz at last weekend's CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. Here, the band is joined by two acts from Olympia, Washington, that sound pretty nifty in their own right. Well done, DIYers. Well done, indeed.

Elf Power and Vic Chestnutt Saturday, November 1, at Club Dada; Sunday, November 2, at Rubber Gloves in Denton Two folky, psyched out acts from Athens, Georgia, stop through the Metroplex to show off their home city's softer side, and to give Denton a taste of what it could one day become, I imagine.

And, lastly, as my mother would no doubt tell you today, "Have a fun, safe Halloween." --Pete Freedman

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