Good Friday: The Slack, This Old House, Spooky Folk, Hendrick, Big Red Rooster, Telegraph Canyon, Menkena, Ishi, The Orbans, Gary Allan, Mike Doughty, Days of the New and Nick Oliveri

It's Friday night and the weekend's here, which means it's time to unwind, et al. Got plans? Nah? We've got your hookup right here. First up, as always, the shows we've already discussed. Kind of a slow weekend, though: A bunch of the bigger shows we've talked up are coming after the weekend. As of now, we've only talked up two weekend shows--both of which are coming on Sunday, when The Soundtrack of Our Lives plays the Granada and when We Were Promised Jetpacks plays Hailey's up in Denton.

For some more weekend options, hit the jump with us, won't you?

The Slack
Fri., Feb. 19, at the Barley House

Because Chris Holt and Co. have a new release, The Deep End, and even if we didn't like it all that much, his band's comprised of some of the finest musicians in town. They'll kinda blow you away, actually.

This Old House, The River Mouth, Land Mammals, Final Club
Fri., Feb. 19, at Hailey's in Denton

A bunch of North of the Dial favorites converge upon Hailey's for a pretty cool, varied bill. In particular, This Old House's ambient, twangy indie rock has us drooling for the band's eventual debut release. Might not jive all that well on a bill with Final Club's "hot guitar licks" and post-punk sound. but whatever, we dig 'em both.

Spooky Folk, The Polycorns
Fri. Feb. 19, at J&J's Pizza in Denton
The Polycorns will try to wow you with more-complicated-than-incumbent pop-rock songs. Spooky Folk will try to get you with its surprisingly hooky folk-rock songs. If both don't grab you, I'd guess at least one of the two will.

The Early Republic, Hendrick, Sounds Under Radio, Titanmoon
Sat., Feb. 20, at House of Blues
Apart from Austin's Sounds Under Radio, this is an all-local lineup at the HOB. Kinda interesting to see Hendrick on there with a couple bands whose sounds trend toward the mainstream--the band's taken some offense to when I implied that its indie pop-rock went for too many radio-friendly aesthetics on its last album, so color me a little confused. I'd say Hendrick's the highlight of this bill--unless you wanna hear what a band knockoff Killers band would sound like if xeroxed 15 times, in which case you'll simply adore The Early Republic.

Big Red Rooster, Hoyotoho
Sat., Feb. 20, at House of Blues' Cambridge Room

Another all-local bill on Saturday night at the HOB, this one in the compex's smaller room. I'll be honest: I see what Big Red Rooster is going for and I appreciate the attempt to blend hip-hop and rock (without necessarily calling yourself rap-rock), but everyone who tries this--including Lil Wayne on his latest--has trouble pulling it off. I just don't think BRR's sound is there yet. Hoyotoho, meanwhile, is going for an edgier, dancier pop-rock--like if MGMT wrote songs exclusively for Scion. There's some promise there, but this band too needs a little more development. Should still be a fun show, though; if there's one thing that both these bands have down pat, it's high energy performances.

Telegraph Canyon, Oso Closo, Frank Smith
Sat., Feb. 20, at Hailey's in Denton
Go for Telegraph Canyon's "Shake Your Fist." Stay for Oso Closo's burrito.

Sat. Feb. 20, at La Grange

We've been fortunate enough to hear most of Menkena's unreleased dedbut album, and we approve wholeheartedly. The band's lo-fi, acoustic shoegaze has a real introspective, deceptively big sound that really draws you in. Live is where the band has trouble, though, as the energy level on the record (which is purposefully kept low) just doesn't translate all that well to the stage yet. This La Grange show should provide the band maybe it's best live setting yet--I imagine the crowds in this versatile room won't mind a slower night of listening and drinking.

Ishi, Missile, Dirty Little Mouth, Legsweeper, George Quartz
Sat, Feb. 20, at Trees

Definitely the all-local show of the weekend in my book. I'm not huge on Dirty Little Mouth's bland, American Idol-ish funk-rock, but the rest of the lineup is pretty damn killer. Legsweeper's got a real cool lo-fi garage sound going for it--it's catchy and gritty, if a little sophomoric, lyrically--and boasts a high-energy live show (watch the drummer/vocalist closely, trust me). George Quartz, meanwhile, is always up to something interesting with his experimental stylings. And Ishi's electro-pop, though a little out there at first, just slays--ask anyone who's seen the band live. Haven't seen Missile yet, though. but I'm thinking I will on Saturday...

The Orbans, The Roomsounds, Lonely H
Sat., Feb. 20, at Double Wide
We've been looking forward to The Orbans' debut record for a while now--and, last we heard, it should be out soon, in early March. I imagine the band will be unveiling some new stuff at this show, which also features new-to-Dallas band The Roomsounds (who moved here on purpose even) and Washington's Lonely H (not to be confused with Local H).

Gary Allan
Sat., Feb. 20, at Cowboys Stadium

One of the few modern-day Nashville country acts I can get behind stops off at the Death Star as part of this weekend's rodeo competition sponsored by Dickies.

Mike Doughty, Christina Courtin
Sat., Feb. 20, at Poor David's Pub

The Soul Coughin frontman goes solo on South Lamar. Seems an odd venue choice, but that's a great booking for the space, for sure.

Days of the New
Sat., Feb. 20, at Skillman Street Pub

Held at Skillman Street Pub because Trees was already booked, no doubt.

Nick Oliveri
Sun., Feb. 21, at Double Wide

Oliveri got kicked out of Queens of the Stone Age, so he's got that going for him. This, apparently, will be an all-acoustic performance--just like his 2009 solo release--but that kind of makes things decidedly less exciting here, no?

...and that's that. Got more? Add 'em in the comments. Beyond that, be safe, and we'll see you out there.

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