Thorr Himself in 2006.

Good Friday: Tomorrowpeople, Harmonic Disturbance, American Werewolf Academy, El Gato, Valient Thorr

No need to mention James McMurtry, Modern 'Til Midnight, The Reverend Horton Heat and Riverboat Gamblers and more at Pegasus Plaza or Anthony Hopkins with the DSO, all of which we covered in the print version of DC-9. Nor need we re-blog about The Ting Tings, Anonymous, Carrie Rodriguez (with Sarah Bettens, former K's Choice singer) or The Feds' last Dallas show (promise?). Unfair Park mentioned tonight's and tomorrow's Inwood screenings of The Flaming Lips' Christmas on Mars. We even wrote about New Kids on the Block, at the insistence of music editor and fellow Bostonian Pete Freedman.

That's not all that's going on this weekend, but it's darn close. Thanks to a lot of interesting weeknight shows next week and earlier this week, the weekend seems a little lighter than usual. Here are a few other options for you. Reader recommendations are always welcome, too.

Tomorrowpeople, Milky Soul, Mouse Fire Friday, October 17, The Double-Wide I have no idea why anyone thought Milky Soul, a jokey rap-rock group from Echo Park, belongs on this bill with the understated psychedelic rock of Tomorrowpeople or Mouse Fire's indie-pop. But two out of three ain't bad, right?

Municipal Audio presents Harmonic Disturbance with MC XYZ, DJ Whizard, Circuit and more Friday, October 17, at The Whisky Bar Three West Coast drum 'n bass acts in one night. LA's DJ Whizard won the MusicV2 D&B mix tournament back in May. I had never heard of that contest until today, but if you had, this is your place to be tonight.

American Werewolf Academy, Epitas, more Friday, October 17, City Tavern AWA's latest, Triceratops, seems to hint that the band is evolving beyond the 90-second pop songs of their earlier releases, but that doesn't mean they've forgotten how to write a catchy hook.

El Gato, Lovie, Happy Bullets Friday, October 17, Club Dada El Gato's last CD, Surrender!, was almost as good as the band's 2002 We're Birds, which is to say it was great, but perhaps short of amazing. They're joined by Happy Bullets and Lovie, who are saying goodbye to drummer Grace Davenport after this show.

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It's Unamerican To Be Sad, Hacienda, We The Sea Lions Friday, October 17 at The Lounge on Elm Street San Antonio's Hacienda just finished recording an album with contributions from members of Dr. Dog and production from Black Keys' Dan Auerbach. Once you listen to the '60s pop-influenced songs on the band's page, both connections make sense. The Frenz was originally supposed to play, but the Lounge page doesn't have their name on the bill anymore, and the Frenz MySpace page doesn't list any upcoming shows.

Valient Thorr, Black Tusk, Tweak Bird, Swedish Teens Saturday, October 18, at Hailey's, Denton. Thorriors, unite! Anyone who wears a Motorhead T-shirt AND actually listens to Motorhead should be at Hailey's Saturday night to catch Valient Thorr's Lemmy-lovin' classic metal, especially if you missed them a couple months back at Club Dada.

That ain't all, but this thing is late enough as it is. As always, please feel free to add your picks in the comments.--Jesse Hughey

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