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Good Records Outdid Itself With This Year's Record Store Day Lineup

You can always tell that it's springtime when the lineups for Record Store Day start rolling out. And now it's official: Last night on 1310 The Ticket's Local Ticket with Mark Schectman, the big one, Good Records, announced their lineup, and it's a doozy. Beyond the typical assortment of live local acts, "celebrity" DJs and, most importantly, free beer, the big names for this year's event are even bigger than usual. God bless Texas, and Record Store Day too.

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Those big names are poles apart from each other, too. On the one side you have chronic viral video makers OK GO, who are stopping by Good Records on their way to a performance that same night at Granada Theater. (No word yet on the possible appearance of treadmills.) On the other side, boasting equal if not greater claim to "headliner" status, is legendary singer-songwriter Steve Earle. For a free show in a record store, you can't ask for much more than that.

Of course, being Record Store Day, you still get much more than that. The rest of the bands on the lineup were all local: John Congleton plays with his current band, Nighty Night, alongside the reformed Pleasant Grove, Syche and the Mega Rock All Stars, Chris Stapleton, Goodnight Ned, Daniel Markham, Party Static, Derek Rogers, Moon Waves, Pageantry, iill and Moth Face. There's also a special appearance for recently reunited '90s vets Sixteen Deluxe, which ought to pair well with all those one-of-a-kind RSD vinyl specials.

The full details of the day have yet to be released, but there will also be a slew of DJs playing outside between the bands (whom will be inside), including Kessler Theater artistic director Jeff Liles, The Bomb Factory hype man Gavin Mulloy, and rival music critics including The Dallas Morning News' Robert Wilonsky, Central Track's Pete Freedman and, uh, yours truly. (That ought to go well.)

All in all, it should be another great RSD at Good Records (not to mention all the other fine record stores in town putting on parties that day). The store opens bright and early at 7 a.m. on Saturday, April 18, with music kicking off at 11 a.m. In all, 15 bands and 15 DJs will be on hand.

The full lineup:

Bands: 11:00 a.m. Syche and the Mega Rock All Stars 12:00 p.m. Chris Stapleton 1:00 Goodnight Ned 2:00 OK GO 3:00 Steve Earle 4:00 Pleasant Grove 5:00 Daniel Markham 6:00 Pageantry 7:00 Moon Waves 8:00 Moth Face 9:00 John Congleton & the Night Night 9:30 iill 10:00 Party Static 11:00 Sixteen Deluxe 12:00 a.m. Derek Rogers

DJs: Lisa Bush (Wild In The Streets) Scott Beggs (Three Links) Corby Davidson (Hardline/The Ticket) Wanz Dover (The Black Dotz/Blixaboy) Josh Florence (Off The Record/DaDa/Homegrown Festival) Pete Freedman (Central Track) Jeff Gage (Dallas Observer) Jonathon Kimbrell (Classic Waxxx Records/Napkin Art Studios) Jeff Liles (Kessler Theater/Cottonmouth, TX) Gabriel Mendoza (Away From The Numbers) Gavin Mulloy (Trees/ Bomb Factory) Mark Ridlen (DJ Mr. Rid) Dave Rummel (1 Car Garage Records) Mark Schectman (The Local Ticket) Joey Seeman (Hair Metal Monday with DJ Joey Scandalous) Robert Wilonsky (Dallas Morning News) Kris Youmans (Transmission Events - Dallas)


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