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Gorilla Vs. Bear Year-End List Is Surprisingly Less GorillaVsBearcore Than Anticipated

Not that our friends over at the ridiculously popular, highly influential Dallas-based music blog Gorilla Vs. Bear exactly need our help in drawing attention to their site, but today certainly merits a visit over to their confines today, as the site has released its year-end list of top albums.

No shocker seeing both St. Vincent (checking in at No. 22) and Neon Indian (which lands at No. 11) in head blogger Chris Cantalini's top 25. But what is a tad surprising is the fact that his top 10 is devoid of any bands that one would deem of the quite-esteemed GorillaVSBearcore genre elite. Oh well. I guess that's what these year-end lists are for: swapping out the stuff you cover in the interest of your readership in exchange for the stuff you truly enjoy. I'd say we're all a little guilty of that come this time of the year. Plus, a little perspective really tends to clear things up.

Anyway, speaking of lists, we'll be unveiling our top albums lists--both from the local and national sets--over the next few weeks. But, starting next week, we'll be slowly rolling out a real treat (I hope): Beginning on Monday, December 7, and continuing on once a day, each day, until December 31, I'll be posting my top 25 local songs of the year.

If nothing else, it means we can look forward to some fairly ugly and bitter comments from the peanut gallery. So, yay on that.

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Pete Freedman
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