So, uh, Louis XIV, huh? Guess so... When's The Reverend playing?

Granada Theater, Downtown Dallas Team Up For Four-Part, Kinda Free Festival

Maybe you're like me, and maybe you check Pollstar from time to time to see if there's any shows coming through town that you might've missed.

And maybe, a few weeks back you saw that Louis XIV was scheduled to play Pegasus Plaza in Downtown Dallas on Saturday, September 20. And maybe you, like me, thought that had to be a typo. Not because Louis XIV is so cool (because, really, it isn't), but because you couldn't really think of a reason for such a thing to happen.

Well, if you are like me (and, if so, God help you), now you do know the reason: Downtown Dallas--I dunno, maybe in an effort to get people to actually spend some time down there outside of their work obligations--has charged the Granada Theater with booking four free shows to take place every other week at an outdoor stage at Pegasus Plaza starting with this weekend's Louis XIV show, which will also feature The Crash That Took Me, The Stock Market Crash, Calhoun, The Orange and Alpha Rev.

Future shows will feature Reverend Horton Heat, The Riverboat Gamblers, Fair To Midland, Mae, Black Tie Dynasty, and Lions, among many, many others (full list here).

Each day-long festival will start at 2 p.m., and it's in your best interest to get there early; arriving at the plaza before 5 p.m. means you get in for free. Could be cool, right? --Pete Freedman

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