Gutterth Productions' Michael Briggs Launches New Venture For Intimate Recorded Sessions

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Yesterday, man-about-local-music Michael Briggs dropped me a line to give me the heads up on his latest venture -- just another in a long line that already includes show booking and promotion, podcasting, running a record label and releasing awesome Denton-centric compilation albums, all under his Gutterth brand name.

This new venture, however, has a new name: It's called Violitionist, and it's pretty gosh darn awesome. The concept, really, isn't all that different from the already popular Daytrotter Sessions web site run out of Illinois. Like Daytrotter, Violitionist Sessions invites acts into Briggs' private studio, asks them to perform a few songs, and later posts these unique renditions for download. Unlike Daytrotter, Violitionist also posts videos of its performances, as well as short Q&As -- three questions and three answers, to be precise -- with the bands it invites to its sessions.

It's a pretty substantial undertaking, and one that, even on the day of its launch, already boasts a catalog of 18 sessions, most, as of now, with Denton-based artists, including Sarah Jaffe, Doug Burr, RTB2, Florene and Seryn.

In the long-term, though, Briggs says he hopes to expand the site beyond its current local affiliation, using Denton as its hub, but not necessarily as its sole source for music. Again, like Daytrotter, Briggs says he hopes bands touring through the region will agree to stop by his studio for quick recordings that he can post to his site. And, starting as soon as next week, that much will start taking place.

"[I'm] posting a new session with Real Live Tigers from Fayetteville, Arkansas, next week," Briggs tells DC9. "Upcoming local sessions with Fishboy and Delmore Pilcrow [will be up] soon. [We're] in the process of booking touring bands, but nothing confirmed to announce right now."

Not surprisingly, Briggs says he hopes to use the upcoming 35 Conferette and its slew of touring bands as a means to further expand his site's catalog beyond its current Denton-centric roster.

"I'm gonna do sessions with as many bands as possible during that time," Briggs says. "We're in contact with a large list of them."

Exciting stuff for sure. So, if you've got a few hours of time you need to kill, we recommend you start digging through the Violitionist Session archives right away.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.