Halloween Best Bets

Welcome to the Halloween edition of And Another Thing. Why is it the Halloween edition? Because it's back from the dead. Boo, motherfuckers!

No, not really. It's because, duh, there's a graveyard full o' Halloween shows to choose from, and we figured we'd start by giving you some choice picks from the week up to and including All Hallow's Eve. And, as a bonus, we will end with a Halloween music joke. Now, follow us, please—or as Marty Feldman would say, "Walk this way....":

Friday, October 26: The Cavern, which seems like it's growing ever more eclectic, hosts Melissa's Deluxe Halloween Party with Life-Death Continuum, DJ Big J (of the Clever Monkeys) and Jeremy Jackson...While it's not technically a Halloween event, the Ghoultown show at the Curtain Club ought to be a spooky affair. Ghoultown, quite frankly, scares the pants off us, mainly because their creepiness doesn't derive from their kinda silly goth cowboy look but more from the Doors/Hank III rockabilly they play, which conjures up images of meth heads on a killing spree. This, friends, is a good thing...Johnny Lloyd Rollins and the All-Nighters step way out of their usual Beatles-meets-Elvis fare to pay tribute to the masters of rock when they transform into Bread Zeppelin, while RadioBread features members of Airline, the All-Nighters and the Slack. If you didn't catch the latter at this year's Radiohead tribute night a couple months back, you gotta catch this crew; they slayed. What's with the "Bread"? The theme of the show—put on by Method Entertainment—is The Baker's Dozen Halloween Bash, to be held at Dada.

Saturday, October 27: DJ Nature holds down the musical fort at Hailey's during the costume contest...It's going to be tough to beat the Nightmare on E Street featuring Blow Aces (who were bloody amazing last year), Blood on the Moors and, ahem, Fleetwood Hacks at the Double Wide.

Tuesday, October 30: Far and away the coolest—or at least, most adventurous—thing you could do on the eve before Halloween is attend/participate in Good Records' 10th anniversary of Zaireeka/Halloween party. Here's how it works: Everyone is encouraged to bring their copy of Zaireeka, speakers, stereos, etc. and wear a costume for the costume contest. Good Recs promises a copy of the elusive 10th disc and a "Virtual Wayne." We're assuming this is a virtual Wayne Coyne. We're also guessing some of you out there have no idea what AAT is talking about at the moment. Zaireeka, you see, is a collection of albums—or one album with a collection of discs—put out by the Flaming Lips as part of a grand experiment, during which they are played simultaneously by many, many people. If you still don't get it, just go: It's cool, if done right.

Wednesday, October 31: Well, this one wins the coolest name award and the coolest act award: None other than hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash will spin at the Holla-Ween Party at the Glass Cactus...Meantime, the Granada hosts its fabu bash, complete with a fistful of cash for the winner of the costume contest, plus the Party DJs $elect and sob3er.

Finally, the joke:

Q: How are heavy metal guitarists like serial killers?

A: Because they're always swinging axes!

Or, there's the alternate answer, Because they will rape your daughters!

Happy Halloween!

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